1. 10:32 11th Jul 2014

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    I haven’t done anything sims related in forever, so I started converting a Peggy hair yesterday. So many transparency issues…

    I haven’t done anything sims related in forever, so I started converting a Peggy hair yesterday. So many transparency issues…

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    aidenscottsims said: How do you get Skysims hair to not be so "bloaty and floaty" hahaha. I really want to fix these problems with my retextures.

    This got really long…

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  4. Hey, so, apparently tumblr’s messaging system has been acting up, and some people sent me stuff that never actually made it to my inbox. If you sent me a message and haven’t gotten a reply yet, my inbox probably ate it, and you should resend it so I can get back to you. Sorry guys.  :(

  5. Anonymous said: Hello there! I am your secret santa :3 and my job is to make you a present~ it can be either a pose pack, a sim or a house (even tho I don't know how to upload sims and houses hehe) choose to your liking!

    Hi Santa!

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  6. Super late, but this was my simblreen gift. It’s a retexture/mesh edit of Skysims 149. It fits better on the head, has better bone assignments, and includes a fat morph. It’s not perfect, but I think it’s an improvement over the original. EA highlights, available for teen - elder females.


    • LOD0 - 8528
    • LOD1 - 4306
    • LOD2 - 1996
    • LOD3 - 960

    Download (package file only!)

    It shouldn’t be a problem, but the most recent EP I have is University, and I haven’t patched my game in ages. So if you’re running a newer version of the game than I am, and you have any problems with this download, let me know and I’ll do my best to fix it.

  7. I made a nomsie! She’s based on matcha tea, and I gave her the traits adventurous, artistic, neat, proper, and snob.

  8. Hey tumblr, long time no see. This is a conversion of Peggy 05481, with the bangs from S-Club’s Chignon mesh. It has EA highlights, it’s available for females of all ages, and it shows up in the hat section.

    Poly count:

    • LOD0 - 5565
    • LOD1 - 3988
    • LOD2 - 1668
    • LOD3 - 363

    There’s more information on my blog, or you can download it here (.package files only).

    In non-sims related news, I’m doing a Team 750 Berserker Risk run for the Four Job Fiesta, where we play Final Fantasy and raise money for charity.  If you like jrpgs, or challenge runs, or helping sick children, you might want to check it out. The website is here, and I’m posting about my progress on twitter here!

  9. Rigging object meshes is hard, guys.  :(

  10. cyanarosis said: You can actually remove the backfaces from a wholly grouped mesh? This would have spared me from some of the Sims 2 conversions I did. Hate resizing hairs to fit on the head so much.


    Yep, you can! Super basic tutorial, with a ton of images, under the cut.

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